California wildfires 2017-2018


Massive wildfires spread throughout California in 2017 and 2018, burning down homes and even destroying the town of Paradise.


The 2018 Camp Fire in Butte County, California, was the state’s most destructive wildfre in history, destroying more than 14,600 homes. The wildfre caused widespread drinking water system chemical contamination resulting in acute and chronic health risks

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2018 Camp Fire case study finds increased chronic psychological issues in the aftermath, such as PTSD and depression
University of California, San Diego

Community wildfire preparedness programs are an important means of protecting residents living in hazardous areas like the wildland-urban interface. Different programs rely on various sets of drivers, such as legal enforcement or engaged citizens. In this

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One year after the California Camp fire, former residents must navigate a life for ever changed. The disaster has been particularly devastating for those without means.
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Wildfire has staked its claim as a major U.S. peril. Risk Modeler 1.13 includes elements that are important in producing a forward-looking view of wildfire risk.
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The impacts of the electricity cut are being disproportionately felt by those dependent on medical devices. The sense of community will be necessary for the next shutoff.
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