Wild Fire

Houses with wildfire smoke in the background
Most government policies for mitigating public health risks from wildfire smoke aim to educate citizens to protect themselves by staying indoors, closing windows, and using air filters.
Scientists have developed a way to forecast which of the Great Basin's more than 60 million acres have the highest probability of a large rangeland fire.
Forests cover just 4.8% of Pakistan, and fire is the biggest driver of forest loss in the country: Global Forest Watch estimates that between 2001 and 2021, Pakistan lost 5,460 hectares of tree cover due to fires and 4,290 hectares from all other drivers.
Climate change is rapidly intensifying. Amid the chaos and damage it wreaks, many precious Indigenous heritage sites in Australia and around the world are being destroyed at an alarming rate.
While some of the dangers that summer brings are more obvious—such as wildfires and hurricanes—others may be less obvious or intuitive, such as inhaling smoke from wildfires, which can be as harmful to your health as smoking several cigarettes a day.
A burned out car sits among the remains of a burned neighborhood from wildfires, healthy vegetation in the background
As wildfires increase and burn more human-made material, more research is needed on the release of toxic materials into watersheds, according to a new review.
The Boulder County consultation program is free to participants.
A firefighter surveys wildfire damage in Queensland, Australia
A machine learning model can evaluate the effectiveness of different management strategies.
Wildfire and dark clouds approaching Hollywood City
Communities of fire adaptation and mitigation practitioners are attempting to improve fire outcomes by using their power as a system of connected entities – as networks – to influence each other, those who they serve, and the systems they work in.
This issue of the WMO Air Quality and Climate Bulletin provides an update on the current global distribution of particulate matter, highlighting the contributions of extreme wildfire events in the year 2020.