Wild Fire

As wildfires devastate swathes of the Western United States, parts of the Midwest and East Coast also face an increasing threat due to accelerating climate change risks, researchers say.
Sounding the alarm after last year’s devastating fire season, a new report by WWF Greece points to a series of failings in the management of wildfire prevention funds and the need for better oversight.
View of a mountain range in Zamora, Spain: firebreaks in the forest
About 80,000 m3 of recycled water is available that could improve the coping with forest fires. In this context, a hydraulic infrastructure for an advanced wastewater treatment is under development, aiming to lower forest fire risk and build resilience.
A study co-authored by U of T researcher Matthew Adams suggests that wildfire smoke in Brazil affected women in the first trimester of pregnancy, increasing the risk of low birth weight in full-term babies.
Living near regions prone to wildfires may boost risk of developing lung cancer and brain tumors.
California wildfires, July 2021
In 2020 California experienced record-breaking wildfires. A new report recommends that fire managers shift their emphasis from reducing burned area to reducing fire severity and fire damage, and restoring key ecosystem functions after fires.
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Starting from the unexplored level of the fire safety of citizens in Serbia, this paper presents the results of quantitative research regarding a fire safety behavior model for residential buildings in Serbia.
New Mexico and Arizona are facing a dangerously early fire season. It has left neighborhoods in ashes and is having such devastating effects that the governor of New Mexico on May 3, 2022, urged President Joe Biden to issue a disaster declaration.
Four new studies—each quite separate—appear to confirm that heat, drought, and hunger on massive scales can only get worse with rising global temperatures.
Scientists are worried that wildfires might burn out of control in Siberia while the Russian military units that normally keep them in check are dispatched to Ukraine.