Wild Fire

Wildfire damage to drinking water systems can significantly delay a community’s economic recovery. The costliest disaster in Colorado’s history, the Marshall Fire of 2021, resulted in more than $2 billion in losses.
Purdue University
A farm with a red barn in the countryside in Oregon, USA.
The study tapped into participants’ cultural worldviews and perception of risk to help predict which communication strategies work best to convince different types of people.
Oregon State University
A man overlooks a wildfire visible from San Francisco under a hazy sky turned orange
Psychological trauma from extreme weather and climate events, such as wildfires, can have long-term impacts on survivors’ brains and cognitive functioning, especially how they process distractions, new research shows.
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After three soggy years of La Niña in a row, Australia has endured record-breaking floods, the latest of which has inundated the Kimberley in Western Australia and across north and central Queensland.
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This case study was developed to better understand decisions, resources, expertise, and response limitations during and after the 2021 Marshall Fire.
AWWA Water Science
Damaged bridge after the floods in the Ahr valley in Germany in 2021.
Rivers of muddy water from heavy rainfall raced through city streets as thousands of people evacuated homes downhill from California’s wildfire burn scars amid atmospheric river storms drenching the state in early January 2023.
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Terres Novas, Portugal
Man covering face from air pollution
On Dec. 30, 2021, one of the most destructive wildfires on record in Colorado swept through neighborhoods just a few miles from our offices at the University of Colorado Boulder.
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A man overlooks a wildfire visible from San Francisco under a hazy sky turned orange
One year after the Marshall Fire, dozens of ongoing research projects are exploring the science behind what happened that day, the widespread impacts on people, pets and the environment and how we can mitigate future catastrophes amid a changing climate.
University of Colorado Boulder
New research in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that nursing homes in California that face a greater risk of wildfire exposure have poorer compliance with Medicare’s emergency preparedness standards.
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