Martha McPherson Manleen Dugal Ria Sen
The concept of nature-related risk reflects the pervasive economic impacts of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation. Clear frameworks are needed for evaluating and managing nature-related risk, and developing appropriate financial strategies.
Emma Harwood Olivia Nielsen Naeem Razwani
Women frequently bear the brunt of disasters – in terms of economics, health, and fatalities – but better, more resilient housing could improve their situation.
On 8 March 2022, to celebrate International Women’s Day, the Women’s International Network for Disaster Risk Reduction (WIN DRR) is recognising women leaders across the Asia-Pacific region who support “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”
USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance
The USAID-supported Academic Alliance on Anticipatory Action stimulates deeper research into anticipatory approaches.
Santosh Kumar Sapna Dubey Sanjay Srivastava
India's multiple intense cascading risk scenarios in 2021 expose the challenges of a riskier world... and give an opportunity to chart out India’s adaptation and resilience pathways – alongside their economic implications.
Arielle Tozier de la Poterie Martin Field
​​​​​​​Anticipatory action requires a shift in the humanitarian mindset. The Anticipation Hub is assembling the evidence. 
Ana Gabriele Sabancevaite Rebecca Freitag
The youth are extremely concerned about climate change, and climate anxiety is widespread. Young activists demand a seat at the table.
Benoît Agassant
The Cannes Climathon 2021 explored innovative climate solutions and disaster risk reduction strategies.
Martin Field
Anticipatory action allows humanitarians and affected communities to make informed decisions ahead of a crisis. This means saving time and money; preventing displacement, disease, loss of livelihood; and preserving the dignity of those affected.
This collection of inspiring women are finalists for the Women’s International Network for Disaster Risk Reduction Leadership Awards.

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