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Technical coordinator (risk assessment)

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

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The Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), established in 1986, is a regional non-profit foundation with headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand supporting the advancement of safer communities and sustainable development, through implementing programs that reduce the impact of disasters upon countries and communities in Asia and the Pacific.

ADPC has 6 thematically focused Departments that support the achievement of the overall vision, mission and goals of ADPC- namely Climate Change and Climate Risk Management (CCCRM), Disaster Risk Assessment and Monitoring (DRAM), Disaster Risk Management System (DRMS) Public Health in Emergencies (PHE), Resilient Cities and Urban Risk Management (RCURM) and Safer development planning and implementation (SDPI).

The Disaster Risk Assessment and Monitoring (DRAM) department aims to bring together advanced technology, sound scientific approaches, and multi-disciplinary expertise in quantifying the disaster risk toward the goal of disaster risk reduction. DRAM undertakes risk assessment activities at various geographical scales, from the national and sub-national hazard risk profiling to the city- or community-specific hazard, vulnerability, risk, and loss estimation. The risk assessments are attained based on a series of what-if disaster scenarios that suits the purpose of emergency and response planning or probabilistically that will be better utilized for future development planning. DRAM also takes up the assessments of the risk both pre- and post-disaster events and for various hazard types including geological, meteorological, hydrological, technological, manmade, and health hazards. DRAM expects to establish mechanisms for technology transfer and knowledge sharing through capacity building training programs and hands-on experiences by the local technical agencies.

Duties and responsibilities

- Assistance to Head of the Department(DoH)-DRAM and Project Managers of DRAM for coordination of activities connected with Multi- hazard assessment & vulnerability mapping, Risk assessment and loss estimation.
- Assistance in methodology development and conduct of various activities connected to projects undertaken by DRAM on Hazard assessment, vulnerability mapping , Risk assessment and loss estimation.
- Liaise with GIS team under DRAM on multi- hazard assessment and vulnerability mapping and risk assessment for developing GIS databases of various scales for conducting surveys on buildings, lifeline facilities, infrastructure etc.
- Assistance to Senior Department managers for liaise with relevant Government Institutions, city authorities etc to obtain data for conducting multi- hazard assessment and vulnerability mapping and risk assessment.
- Assistance to DRAM team in collection of field data related to Hazard assessment and vulnerability mapping of buildings, lifeline facilities and infrastructure.
- Assistance in coordination with country offices, field teams, field coordinators and partners for compilation of data related to vulnerability of buildings, lifeline facilities and infrastructure.
- Assist management and coordination with multi-disciplinary teams of subject experts, consultants, ADPC staff, and national partners involved in implementation of projects under DRAM.
- Conducting site-visits for job related activities, collection of data and assistance in M&E functions of the Projects under Department.
- Assistance in new project development, preparation of budget estimates, work plans etc.
- Provide assistance to DoH-DRAM and Project Managers for preparation of project progress reports (monthly and quarterly project reports, monitoring and evaluation system reports and financial reports).

Required qualifications / Selection criteria

Qualifications and experience:
- Master’s degree specializing in disaster management, Multi-hazard risk assessment, Structural Engineering, Geo-technical Engineering, Engineering Geology, Hydrology, environmental science, or any other related field.
- Knowledge in application of various Risk Assessment tools (such as HAZUZ. RADIUS etc) in to assessment of vulnerability of buildings, infrastructure and estimation of probable losses.
- Good understanding of application of multi-hazard risk assessment principals at various levels from national level to community including conduct of community based risk assessment.
- Experience in presentation of risk assessment information using GIS, analyzing vulnerability and probable losses/impacts
- Previous experience in risk communication / dissemination of risk information will be an added qualification.

Training skills and knowledge:
- Knowledge and understanding of Multi-hazard Risk Assessment tools and applications at various levels.
- Knowledge and understanding of impacts of Geological hazards, hydro-meteorological hazards and climate change on societal systems.
- Knowledge and understanding of risk information application, translation / interpretation and dissemination to sector specific stakeholders.
- Excellent English proficiency in oral and written communication, including a demonstrated track record in technical report writing and ability to communicate technical matters effectively to general audience.
- Understanding of science of climate change, climate variability and hydro-meteorological extreme events will be an added qualification.

Personal Qualities
- Self-motivated, pro-active and takes initiative.
- Demonstrated ability and plan and organize work and time independently.
- Excellent interpersonal skills, team-oriented work style, and experience in working in a multi-cultural environment.
- Strong desire to learn, undertake new challenges, must a creative problem-solver, must have self confidence, willingness to work hard, good sense of humor but with seriousness about the quality and excellence of work.

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