Signalert App disasters & crisis crowdmapping smartphone App: v5 released including health crisis

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6 years after its 1st version, the environment, security whistleblower and crowd mapping smartphone app SIGNALERT V5 is released, with new design, new functionalities, more connectivity with Internet of things, more informations brought to you about ongoing or potential dangers in the area where you stay or go. New webservices allows also now to communicate massively with app users. New app, new design, new features. Opening the app now brings you directly to your position on a map and a view on surrounding alerts sent by other users. you can in 2 clickS examine the nearest floodable and wheter in your in or out.

You can already locate your exposure for France, Greece, Spain, Portugal. Any institution producing or publishing flood hazard maps can share them with to make them accessible free of charge through the app to anybody anywhere in the world. Do not hesitate to contact us. the user can share alerts description for 25 natural or manmade disasters or phenomenons, including health crisis. The app is operational everywhere for IOS and ANDROID smartphones in 3 languages: English, Spanish, French. New services for early warning & security We introduced recently SECURITY CHECK, a web platform to communicate with public, users and non users of the app, allowing to respond to request sent with the app, to inform people according to their location, proximity with a danger, membership to specific group. For now 2 years, SIGNALERT exploits open data from networks of personal weather stations. We can now, detect and alert in near real time when excessive rainfall are measured by these networks. And when there is no weather stations network we install for you the low cost infrastructure requiring nearly no maintenance.

Being in a cell phone network coverage area of having Wifi available is the only requirement. The early warning capacity is accessible both as a personal tool the app (paid) and with our web services SIGNALERT CONSULT for much larger areas and refined parametric programming of a robot to check measures on weather stations networks sharing their data. Completed by our tool for massive broadcast of SMS or notification SECURITY CHECK it’s simple to advise exposed people at early stage before large propagation of runoff or flood for example. Customized and operating in various contexts. The App is in use in several countries and for various type of organizations. In France, the Resilience France an association grouping public and private actors of security and crisis management adopted Signalert for various services among which FF72, the portal for municipalities, for preparedness and exchange with citizens during crisis. Since 2019, Signalert is operated in Haiti by the Direction of Civil Protection.

The app has been adapted to local needs and translated in Haitian Creole. New implantations are ongoing in Northern Africa with an Arabic version of the App on the way. A capacity to support COVID19 crisis management for health and security actors. In its present state, the app is ready for several immediate deployment and use in the framework of COVID19 crisis compatible with its embedded languages. New health or medical questionnaire can be added in the app which can be customized and privatized permanently or temporarily for groups of users, for a particular environmental or health problem or event.

Several immediate applications are possible with a deployment requiring a limited support and training from our team. These uses in the framework of COVID19 crisis can be:

  1. Feedback of personal medical diagnoses from the field;
  2. Detection of assembly or non-compliance with lockdown instructions;
  3. Periodic assessment of contamination by municipalities;
  4. Concentrating municipal level information on medical equipment or crisis support needs;
  5. Public sharing of past tracks of anonymous COVID19 cases;
  6. Massive messages broadcast on specific geographical areas or groups of users (registered on our platform).

Tracking and sharing your position with the app is your choice and in some situation you may consider it as better for your security. It can give the opportunity of being alerted on a danger close to your position. Privacy remains complete, personal information are coded and limited to your email, names and phone number you may want to share. Nothing else. The data are secured and only accessible to system administrator. No advertisement, no share of personal data with third parties, no tracking if you deactivate it in your settings of the app.

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