Heat Wave

Among the tools included as part of CAMP is the newest iteration of CCE’s Miami Affordability Project (MAP), which offers users a powerful, data-driven mapping tool to identify areas of need for affordable housing and environmental justice investment.
A new wheat variety has been bred by crossing commercial and wild wheats in a bid to develop crops that are more resilient to the climate crisis.
The architecture of UK houses — from grand iconic structures, to modest Victorian Terrace homes and modern tower blocks — suggests that the lessons learned over the centuries to deal with harsh weather may still apply to today's challenges.
Extreme weather – including heatwaves and flooding – appears to be the new normal for South Asia with Pakistan enduring both in 2022. The impacts are numerous and inter-connected, cascading across economic sectors and political geographies.
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The warming during the summer months in Europe has been much faster than the global average, shows a new study by researchers at Stockholm University published in the Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres.
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This paper seeks to answer the question whether climate change may have affected the characteristics of a specific extreme event or whether such event would have even been possible in the absence of climate change.
The frequency of extreme weather events such as floods and heatwaves is projected to rise manifold in India in the future due to climate change, according to a study by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar.
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Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni city leaders engaged local residents in a citizen science campaign to map exactly which neighborhoods face the brunt of rising temperatures. The study shows how heat relates to historical legacies and future challenges.
Thunderstorm over fields in South Africa.
Changing weather patterns have profound impacts on agricultural production around the world. Higher temperatures, severe drought, and other weather events may decrease output in some regions but effects are often volatile and unpredictable.
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In this study, the researchers propose a novel data-driven inverse modelling approach to inform decision makers and grid operators on planning rotating power outages.