Heat Wave

Marta Segura, who serves as director of Los Angeles’ Climate Emergency Mobilization Office in the Department of Public Works, was given a second title this month: chief heat officer, the city’s first.
Wildfire and dark clouds approaching Hollywood City
Humans have raised CO₂ levels in the atmosphere to 50% above what they were before the industrial revolution. Bouts of severe drought, heat and low humidity are becoming more extreme as the climate warms.
Keck School of Medicine of USC researchers used a new analytic approach to study more than 1.5 million deaths across the state of California.
An Asian women harvesting crops in the middle of a field.
Sitting in a semi-circle in the yard outside of a village school in Nepal, a group of farmers share their concerns about the future. They discuss how the rain is unreliable – droughts and floods are both becoming more common. Before the rain is the heat.
This year, an early and hotter start to the summer has forced a change in the crop cycle in Gilgit-Baltistan, high up in the Hindu Kush Himalayas
A woman protects herself from the hot sun in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Climate change is a reality and extremely high temperatures have been reported by India and Pakistan in the spring. In a new scientific journal article, researchers from the University of Gothenburg paint a gloomy picture for the rest of the century.
The dangerous extremes are expected to topple records as the effects of climate change continue to shift weather patterns.
Cover page of the article
This article reviews current knowledge of the influences of climate change on five different extreme weather hazards, impacts of recent extreme weather events of each type, and thus the degree to which various impacts are attributable to climate change.
Pregnant woman sitting on a bench
A new study found that miscarriage risk in North America increased by 44 percent in late August, compared to late February, indicating the need to explore possible links between extreme heat and pregnancy loss
People walk in the street of central Athens during a heatwave in Athens, Greece (2017)
The Municipality of Athens is launching a messaging service that will provide immediate information on the weather conditions that prevail in Athens during the summer period, as well as on the measures that must be taken for people’s protection.