Heat Wave

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This profile documents the projected climate impacts in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean (ESC) region. The high vulnerability to climate impacts in the region often drive direct integration of climate risk management into planning processes.
A man rows his boat off the coast of Dili, East Timor
The Green Climate Fund has approved a USD 21.7 million project to support the establishment of end-to-end climate information services and multi-hazard early warning systems in Timor-Leste. Eighty percent of Timorese are expected to directly benefit.
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This paper models long-term changes in minimum mortality temperatures (MMT), a well-established metric denoting the lowest risk of heat-related mortality, as a function of climate change and socio-economic progress across 3820 cities.
A traffic officer drinks water during a hot day in Kolkata, India
Analysis reveals that extreme events linked to human-caused climate change are at unprecedented levels, and scientists say that these events must be expected to increase further.
Coverpage of "Climate change in rural Pakistan: Evidence and experiences from a people-centered perspective"
This article presents findings from a study, which employed a people-centered, narratives-based approach to study climate impacts and adaptation strategies of people in 19 rural study sites in four provinces of Pakistan (N = 108).
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This module explores the impact wreaked by extreme weather events on cities and their transport networks and means by which resilience can be built up against the increasing frequency and intensity of these events.
Economic losses in Europe are projected to increase by almost a factor of five by 2060 compared to the historical damages experienced and will affect more the areas where heatwave-induced productivity damages are already pronounced, with a clear north
Vietnamese woman wear glasses, face mask, coat, gloves to sun protection, ride motorbike under high temperature in Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam (2019)
Researchers reveal the growing threat extreme heat poses to urban populations.
New datasets have been extracted from Regional Climate Models to estimate the frequency of extreme temperatures and precipitation events until 2100.