Featured Events

Featured events highlight particular areas of work in disaster risk reduction and resilience. Featured events in 2013 include gender, heritage, public-private partnerships, recovery, risk financing, science and technology, urban risk and planning, and vulnerable populations.

Tuesday 21 May

Time Room Session
15:00 to 16:30 Room 4 Optimizing Financing for Disaster Risk Management
15:00 to 18:00 Room 3 Strengthening Partnerships Towards Disaster Risk Reduction For Small Island Developing States
16:45 to 18:15 Room 4 Creating Shared Value: Public and Private Partnerships

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Wednesday 22 May

Time Room Session
11:15 to 12:45 Room 2 Drought Resilience in a Changing Climate
11:15 to 12:45 Room 4 Heritage and Resilience
11:45 to 12:45 Room 3 HFA2 - Women Making a Difference
15:00 to 16:30 Room 3 Applying science and technology to policy and practice in DRR
15:00 to 16:30 Room 4 Children and Disaster Risk Reduction: The Resilient Future We Want
16:45 to 18:15 Room 3 The Health Imperative for Safer and Resilient Communities
16:45 to 18:15 Room 4 Global Assessment Report 2013: A new Landscape of Risk

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Thursday 23 May

Time Room Session
11:15 to 12:45 Room 2 Recovering and Building Resilience After Disasters
11:15 to 12:45 Room 3 Building Resilience into Urban Planning and Investments
11:15 to 12:45 Room 4 Disaster Risk Management Standards and Accountability for Business and Citizens

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