Preparatory Process

In preparation for the Fourth Session of the Global Platform, many activities were held simultaneously around the world and online to facilitate a dialogue with all stakeholders on moving the disaster risk reduction agenda forward.

Advisory Group of the Global Platform

The Advisory Group of the Global Platform is an informal sub-group of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Support Group. It is convened by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Reduction and the Chair of the Support Group. It gathers member states periodically in the months prior to the Global Platform, and exists primarily to facilitate a more detailed discussion in preparation for the Global Platform, and enable member states play a role in shaping the programme and the outcomes. All members of the Support Group are invited to participate.

Key regional meetings

Regional organizations and platforms are key to advancing disaster risk reduction.

These regional structures, including ministerial conferences and sub-regional inter-governmental initiatives, are increasingly taking ownership for disaster risk reduction actions and following up on the Hyogo Framework for Action.

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