Market Place

The purpose of the Market Place is to provide a dynamic venue for the showcasing of major projects, innovative tools, instruments, services and networks that support the implementation of the Hygo Framework for Action (HFA).

Tue 16 - Wed 17 - Thu 18 June 2009 (13:30-18:30)
Booth 1 Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery
Booth 8 Disaster Risk Reduction Tools & Training in Africa
Booth 2 Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction
Booth 3 Viet Nam
Booth 3b Global Risk Forum - GRF Davos
Booth 4 Colombia: Volcán Nevado del Huila - reduccion del riesgo
Booth 5 Achievements of the ISDR Asian Partnership
Booth 6 ADRC – Asian Disaster Reduction Center
Booth 7 Education and Safer Schools
Booth 8b PreventionWeb
Booth 9 A safer world with Early Warning Systems and Flood Management
Booth 10 IFRC
Booth 11 International Recovery Forum (IRP)
Booth 12 World Vision International (WVI)
Booth 13 Pacific DRM Partnership Network
Booth 14 France
Booth 15 Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network
Booth 16 Views from the Frontline
Booth 17 Space-based information and services for DRR - UNOOSA/UN-SPIDER
Booth 18 Mainstreaming DRR: Addressing the risk in development
Booth 19 Philippines: Recognizing Investments on DRR
Booth 20 German Committee for Disaster Reduction (DKKV)
Booth 21 Hospitals Safe from Disasters
Booth 22 DRH: Appropriate technology for DRR
Booth 23 Community Empowerment in DRR: Bangladesh Story
Booth 24 Global Risk Identification Programme
Booth 25 The European Commission
Booth 26 Indonesia: Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
Booth 27 Child-led Disaster Risk Reduction (CLDRR) toolkit
Booth 28 Regional Consultative Committee, ADPC
Booth 29 Gender and Disaster Network
Booth 30 Plug into Swiss knowledge
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