Media Events

As the major disaster risk reduction event in the 2009 disaster risk calendar, UNDRR seeks to maximize visibility and awareness of the Global Platform by linking initiatives on the Global Assessment Report (May 2009) and the Economics of Disaster Risk Reduction Study (October 2009) in preparation for the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (December 2009). A range of media and publicity activities, before, during and after the event are featured.

BBC World Debate - Disasters: Prepare or React?

Recorded live at the Global Platform on Tue 16 June To what extent can we really reduce the dangers from future disasters? Does investing in prevention divert funds from rescue efforts when disasters do occur?
Why is it difficult to persuade governments and individuals to protect themselves against disasters? What needs to be done to cut risk, and who should do it?
And with climate change do all these questions need an urgent answer?

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Film Debate - 'Film it like it isí

Wed 17 June (14:00 - 15:00) - Room 2 The role of film-makers in promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction stories: A concerted global effort is required to tackle the rising threat posed by disasters.

Film-makers and journalists have an important role to play in informing citizens world-wide about the risk posed by natural hazards, and about actions that can be taken now to reduce the impact of future disasters and to adapt to a changing climate. > more

Launch of Weather Info for All

Thu 18 June (10:30-11:30) - Room 2 Organizers: Global Humanitarian Forum and World Meteorological Organization
Announcement of an innovative public-private sector initiative centring on an important practical solution for African meteorology.

Launch of the World Disasters Report

Wed 17 June (14:00-15:00) - Room 1 Organizer: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
Launching of the new 2009 edition of the World Disasters Report by IFRC's Secretary General, Bekele Geleta, who said disaster-relief agencies must focus on cost-effective prevention measures, rather than expensive response operations. > more

Read the Remarks of Senator Loren Legarda

Sasakawa Award

Tuesday 16 Jun (19:00) - Reception Area United Nations Sasakawa Award for Disaster Reduction Ceremony

Thursday 18 Jun (14:00-15:00) - Room 15 Sasakawa Award 2009: Presentation of achievements and ideas for enhancing disaster risk reduction

The 2009 Sasakawa Award Laureate and representatives of five Organizations selected by the Jury to warrant Certificates of Distinction (two) and Merit (three) will present their outstanding submissions as well as ideas and recommendations for enhancing disaster risk reduction in their respective geographic locations.
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