Hurricane Irma 2017


Hurricane Irma ravaged the Caribbean and the Atlantic United States, resulting in over U.S. $50 billion worth of losses and dozens of deaths.

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This study delves into multilateral and systemic disruption of critical infrastructure (CI) networks to assess the systemic resilience of CI “network-of-networks”.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 caused widespread damage to coral reefs in the State of Florida and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. These damages were measured in post-storm surveys of reefs and assessed in terms of their impact on reef condition and

United States Geological Survey
The study focused on the damage Hurricane Irma caused to Florida’s mangrove forests. The research team found that the forests suffered unparalleled dieback.
Eastern Carolina University

This rapid assessment of Sint Maarten's (SXM) housing sector was undertaken after Hurricane Irma struck Sint Maarten in September 2017. The report facilitates a dialogue with the Sint Maarten government regarding housing development, reconstruction

World Bank, the

Cette étude porte sur les changements côtiers et les inondations suite au passage d’un ouragan de catégorie 5 (Irma) les 5 et 6 septembre 2017 sur les îles de Saint-Martin et Saint-Barthélemy aux Antilles. Selon l'étude, les systèmes côtiers ont répondu


Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are vulnerable to sea-level rise and hydro-meteorological hazards. In addition to the efforts to reduce the hazards, a holistic strategy that also addresses the vulnerability and exposure of residents and their assets

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