Hurricane Harvey 2017


Hurricane Harvey yielded extensive damage across the Southern United States, especially Texas.

This study analyzed the content of Twitter data collected during Hurricane Harvey to identify the data of the highest relevance for assessing the impacts on infrastructure through automatically grouping the tweets by topics of discussion.
International Journal of Disaster Risk Science
A resident of Houston, Texas carries away debris after flooding brought about by Hurricane Harvey
Respondents with the greatest economic and mental health impacts from Hurricane Harvey were respectively four times more likely to experience income loss during the pandemic and five times more likely to suffer severe anxiety because of the pandemic.
University of Notre Dame
Houston’s vulnerable populations still lag in post-Harvey recovery.
University of Houston
flooded  streets with people in boats
New research shows that up to 50 percent of residences in Houston’s Harris County would not have been flooded by Hurricane Harvey five years ago if it were not for the impact of climate change.
Louisiana State University
This research investigates if, and to what extent, there are social inequalities in climate change-attributed extreme weather event impacts during the Hurricane Harvey in Harris County, Texas.
Nature Communications
Researchers discovered that, on average, 75% of the chemicals detected in two measurements were found in higher concentrations immediately after the hurricane. People’s baseline exposure, however, was already high.
Oregon State University
The research team ran an large-area surveys of firms affected by Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Harvey and found that for every dollar spent on resilience, firms avoided an average of $4.57 in business interruption losses.
Ohio State University

Using the 2017 Hurricane Harvey flood event as a test case, this study set up a series of sensitivity analyses to highlight three challenges associated with large‐scale flood inundation modeling, including (a) model parameterization, (b) errors in digital

Journal of Flood Risk Management (Wiley)

This paper examines the link between property damage, flood insurance, and mortgage credit risk using a unique, loan-level database that combines post-disaster home inspection data, flood zone designations, and loan performance measures in the area

Journal of Housing Research (Taylor & Francis)

This paper proposes and tests a multilayer framework for simulating the network dynamics of inter-organizational coordination among interdependent infrastructure systems (IISs) in resilience planning. Inter-organizational coordination among IISs (such