Addressing the impacts of heatwaves in the workplace


Analyse how heat stress affects employees' productivity and well-being, as well as how to protect them.

Laborer standing in a field of strawberries
News stories of farmhands and other outdoor workers dying from heat-related impacts are stark reminders that few regulations exist to protect laborers from extreme heat.
Stanford University
Three men working in a textile factory in India. They are applying print on fabric.
Workers at India's manufacturing hubs are calling for cooling equipment and wider change as rising summer temperatures impact their health and power cuts disrupt their livelihoods
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
Study explores effects of summertime heat waves on workforce health in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles
Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute
In Hong Kong, outdoor work under extreme weather is an issue of occupational safety and health. The SAR government does not have legally binding regulations, but just rely on the basic protection of work-related injuries.
CarbonCare InnoLab
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This paper explores the argument that weather-related heat stress should be considered an escalating occupational hazard that deserves full societal recognition in order to be considered as an emerging occupational risk requiring public action.
European Trade Union Confederation
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This guide aims to give the reader a clear idea of how climate change consequences will affect the different European regions and sectors.
European Trade Union Confederation