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Second Polish edition of the International Day for Reducing the Effects of Disasters

Organizer(s) GOTOWI.ORG Foundation
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The Foundation invites young people from all schools in Poland, Polish schools at diplomatic missions and Polish diaspora schools to participate in the second Polish edition of the International Day for Reducing the Effects of Disasters.

What we prepared for this Day?

Due to pandemic restrictions, invitations were sent to all schools along with a link to download teaching materials, including:

  • A film for teenagers aged 10 and over
  • Invitation to participate in a national competition - the prize is participation in the first American training SERE in Poland, carried out together with the Territorial Defence Forces!
  • Letter to Teachers
  • A letter to young people
  • Materials from the United Nations Office for Risk Reduction
  • Invitation to the Readiness Workshop - the first and unique training in preparation for emergency situations

Students are invited to submit photos of the implementation of this Day in their schools. The Foundation plans to publish the most interesting of them on and on its Facebook page.

Continuation of the International Day of Disaster Reduction at the Preparedness Workshop

Preparedness Workshops are the only such practical classes in preparing for and responding to emergency situations. Led by Rescue, Safety and Preparing Instructors, they are a continuation of the content provided during the International Day of Disaster Reduction. The formula of the Readiness Workshops enables their implementation regardless of the season. In five thematic blocks, Participants receive scenarios of disasters and, together with Instructors, create plans for safe survival of an emergency. As a result, the Participants gain self-confidence, exercise the efficiency of action and quick reaction, gain new and consolidate acquired skills, build relationships and cooperate in the group.

The knowledge provided during the International Day of Disaster Reduction and Preparedness Workshops, applied in life, will allow not to panic in case of danger, and turn fear and uncertainty into self-confidence, taking immediate action, protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Youth does not have such classes in schools

Shortly after the first Polish edition of the International Day for Reducing the Effects of Disasters in 2020, students received a questionnaire to fill in. They were asked if they felt a lack of such knowledge at school, if they needed it, and if they would take part in thematic workshops. Over 3,000 students took part in the survey. About 85% of them replied positively to the questions asked.

Therefore, despite objective difficulties, mainly related to the lack of funding for these activities, the Foundation decided to continue the work started in 2020. Out of a sense of responsibility for what they do for society, but above all not to disappoint young people who trusted them.

“Education is the best form of activity, thanks to which we can build a responsible society, able to overcome difficulties. The campaign run by the Foundation aims to encourage young people, their families, employers and organizations to join these activities. We show a simple way how to go from someone who has just heard for the first time that you can prepare for emergency situations, to a person consciously and responsibly building your resistance to what the world brings us every day. " - says Agnieszka Kordalewska, President of the Foundation.

Agnieszka Kordalewska - president of the board of the Foundation

She is called by the media the first Prepper- woman in Poland. She created the unique website Agnieszka organized first time the International Day of Reducing the Effects of Disasters among Students of Polish Schools. Organized the first Readiness Workshop in schools in Poland. Initiator of the creator of the widely available Emergency Backpack. In working for the Foundation, she combines her many years of passion in preparedness with extensive professional experience - she is an expert in the field of accounting and finance with over 36 years of unique experience in business.

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