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Coastal planning implies the estimation of extreme sea levels. As the distribution of astronomical high tides can be predicted, most recent publications suggest focusing on the estimation of extreme skew surges.
Journal of Flood Risk Management (Wiley)
Up to one in five adults with a history of poor mental health reported they were ‘much worse off’ financially a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, compared to one in ten of those who had never had psychological problems in adulthood, according to new study.
University College London
This Practice Guide provides advice to landowners, forest and woodland managers, planners, practitioners and flooding authorities, on how forests, forest management and woodland creation can affect flood flows and flood water storage.
Forest Research

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This guidance document is designed to complement Emergency Preparedness, which sets out how the duties under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (CCA) and its supporting Regulations (Regulations) should be implemented. This guidance focuses on guiding

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This policy statement sets out the United Kingdom government’s long-term ambition to create a nation more resilient to future flood and coastal erosion risk. This means the government will reduce the risk of harm to people, the environment and the economy

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The strategy sets out a vision of a nation ready for, and resilient to, flooding and coastal change, and seeks to better manage the risks and consequences of flooding from rivers, the sea, groundwater, reservoirs, sewers, and coastal erosion.
Environment Agency

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The report estimates the total combined climate change risk for the UK based on an analysis of nine key ‘impact channels’, ranging from agriculture, livestock and fisheries to drought, flooding and coastal impacts.
London School of Economics and Political Science, the
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This G20 Climate Risk Atlas factsheets sheds light on the risks faced by the United Kingdom. The G20 Climate Risk Atlas is the contribution of the CMCC Foundation – Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change to ensure attentive and well-informed climate action
Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici