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This paper explores how climate change-induced migration is creating physical health, mental health and wellbeing issues — both for migrants and the families they leave behind, through case study analysis from 12 regions in Asia, Africa and the Pacific.
International Institute for Environment and Development
This report is geared toward helping project managers develop appropriate gender-related targets for climate projects and a suitable Monitoring, Evaluating and Learning (MEL) system to track achievement over time.
Climate and Development Knowledge Network
Women eating together in Senegal in the traditional manner.
New research led by Penn State found that a lack of rainfall was associated with the highest risk of food insecurity in Tanzania.
Pennsylvania State University

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This Strategy has been developed in response to the growing concern of the negative impacts of climate change and climate variability on the country’s social, economic and physical environment. Its overall aim is to enhance the technical, institutional

United Republic of Tanzania - government

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives (MAFC) is taking action on climate change in Tanzania. In line with the National Climate Change Strategy (2013), which calls for all climate-sensitive sectors to develop action plans to implement

United Republic of Tanzania - government

The purpose of the Zanzibar Disaster Communication Strategy (ZDCS) is to ensure the operability, interoperability and continuity of communications to allow emergency responders to communicate as needed, on demand, and as authorized at all levels of the

United Republic of Tanzania - government

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The Voluntary National Report of the United Republic of Tanzania for the Midterm Review of the Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 (MTR SF).
United Republic of Tanzania - government
WFP Critical Corporate Initiative - Climate response analysis Tanzania
WFP and partners have undertaken an analysis of climate risks in Tanzania and recommended programmes to address identified risks.
World Food Programme