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Flooded street and house in Eastern South Africa
South Africa experienced catastrophic floods and landslides in the eastern coast of the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and Eastern Cape (EC) following exceptionally heavy rainfall.
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Researchers link exposure to disaster events and depression in South Africa.
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A deluge of rain that has claimed hundreds of lives in South Africa shows why more preparedness for climate extremes is necessary, experts say
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This G20 Climate Risk Atlas factsheets sheds light on the risks faced by South Africa. The G20 Climate Risk Atlas is the contribution of the CMCC Foundation – Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change to ensure attentive and well-informed climate action
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This document aims to succinctly summarize the climate risks faced by South Africa. This includes rapid onset and long-term changes in key climate parameters, as well as impacts of these changes on communities, livelihoods and economies, many of which

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