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Case Studies on Institutional Arrangements for Recovery
These case studies describe institutional structures, legal frameworks, and management lessons gleaned from practical experience, providing recovery leaders with insights suited to their context, disaster scenarios, and institutional landscapes.
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery - UNDP
How can social protection systems be leveraged for anticipatory action?
Examines existing social protection systems in hazard-prone countries to collect lessons learned and recommendations on how social protection systems could be best used to inform or implement anticipatory action.
Feinstein International Center Tufts University United States Agency for International Development
Post Cyclone Gombe Mozambique
Tropical Cyclone Gombe, in March 2022, caused floods in Mozambique that damaged fishing and agriculture-based livelihoods. This report assesses the damage and identifies the most urgent needs with regard to the food and agriculture sector.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Headquarters

DRR Community in Mozambique

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Sendai Framework Focal Point

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National policies and plans

The purpose of this document is to reduce and solve the problems facing displaced people through appropriate actions of prevention, assistance and socio-economic re-insertion.
Mozambique - government

Este Plano Director foi projectado para um horizonte temporal de 13 anos (2017-2030) para alinha-lo com os principais instrumentos que orientam as acções que concorrem para Redução do Risco de Desastres a escala global e local, nomeadamente os Objectivos

Mozambique - government

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A presente Lei estabelece o regime jurídico da gestão das calamidades, compreendendo a prevenção, mitigação dos efeitos destruidores das calamidades, desenvolvimento de acções de socorro e assistência, bem como as acções de reconstrução e

Mozambique - government

Risk and governance profile(s)

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This document outlines the risks faced by Mozambique and the relevant policies, initiatives, and institutions for managing risk and supporting anticipatory action (AA), social protection, and disaster risk financing. 
Risk-informed Early Action Partnership
The preparation of this National Progress Report has been undertaken within the framework of the biennial 2011-13 HFA Monitoring and Progress Review process, facilitated by UNISDR and the ISDR partnership.
Mozambique - government