Words into Action Implementation Guide for Addressing Water-Related Disasters and Transboundary Cooperation

Winding river from aerial view

These references provide additional resources to the Words into Action guide on Water-related disasters and transboundary cooperation.

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This paper developed an impact chain via desk study and expert consultation to reveal key drivers of flood risk for agricultural livelihoods and their interlinkages in the Lower Mono River Basin of Benin.
Attabad lake in Pakistan
As dangerous glacial lake outburst floods proliferate, countries need to find ways to manage and mitigate transboundary climate-related disasters.
The Third Pole

Various transboundary river basins are facing increased pressure on water resources in near future. However, little is known about the future drivers globally, namely changes in natural local runoff and natural inflows from upstream parts of a basin, as

Earth’s Future

The report aims to start unpacking relationships between water and migration. The data used in this report are collected from available public sources and reviewed in the context of water and climate. A three-dimensional (3D) framework is outlined for

United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health

WASH services are critical to communities and save lives in both routine and emergency situations. Natural hazards can compromise WASH infrastructure and service delivery and this interruption of WASH services can increase the number of affected people

United Nations Children's Fund

Managing water resources is a critical challenge in the mountain and hill regions of the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH). Not only is demand increasing – for domestic use, irrigation, industry, and energy – the effects of climate change are now being seen in

International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development