Words into Action Concise Guide on Design and Conduct of Simulation Exercises


The Words into Action guidelines provide access to expertise and communities of DRR practitioners. This collection of selected existing SIMEX guidance is part of the Words Into Action preparedness companion: Design and conduct of simulation exercises


This handbook describes how a staff and decision exercise, oriented towards crisis management may be evaluated. The evaluation will cover both the behaviour of the exercise participants and the impact of the chosen exercise format on outcome. Conducting

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

A Simulation Exercise or SimEx is a fictional disaster event created with the purpose of testing the plans and procedures that would come into affect during a real emergency, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses. Emergency responders are given the

New Zealand - government Adventist Development and Relief Agency Oxfam - New Zealand Caritas New Zealand Christian World Service United Nations Children's Fund - New Zealand Rotary Oceania Tearfund New Zealand

This course material has been designed for emergency exercise staff to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills related to the exercise development process, including management, control, simulation and evaluation. Emphasis is on the construction of exercise

World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Office

This manual has the following objectives:

  1. To provide the conceptual framework and methodological aspects of simulations and drills, and to the identify skills and abilities that are necessary to carry them out.
  2. To guide the planning, design
Pan American Health Organization

This publication provides practical guidance to assist resident/humanitarian coordinators and humanitarian country teams in preparing to respond to potential emergencies with appropriate humanitarian assistance and protection.

These guidelines are a

Inter-Agency Standing Committee
This exercise manual has been designed to meet the needs of WHO, its Member States and its partners to support and develop exercise practitioners’ competency to plan, implement and evaluate simulation exercises.
World Health Organization