USA: Hurricane Sandy 2012


In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in Cuba and swept through the East Coast of the United States, causing critical destruction.

'Investing in disaster mitigation infrastructure, preventively evacuating vulnerable neighbourhoods, closing schools, suspending trade and halting transit is expensive and inconvenient, but this cannot compare to the potential costs — economic and human — of inaction'...
Brookings Institution, the
The service provides warnings for natural disasters and emergency situations. They appear based on targeted Google searches, such as [Superstorm Sandy], or with location-based search queries like [New York]...
photo by flickr user NASA Goddard Photo and Video, CC BY 2.0,
The best response to natural events like hurricane Sandy lies in a community preparing its political, civic, and even cultural attitudes. Each disaster, such as Katrina, teaches new lessons. What can America's mid-Atlantic region learn from Sandy?
Christian Science Monitor
This piece addresses the very pertinent debate about whether rebuilding in the aftermath of a disaster is always the wisest option, especially in high-risk areas that may experience the same devastation again and again...
New York Times, the
In his blog post, William H. Hooke offers concrete steps towards better DRR and learning from Sandy. It calls for (i) increased learning from other industries (commercial aviation) on how to incorporate lessons learned from disasters, and (ii) also suggests that real estate developers file disaster risk statements when building on land...
American Meteorological Society