Extreme weather events attribution


Resources on attribution science to communicate the linkages between extreme weather events and climate change.

A firefighter surveys wildfire damage in Queensland, Australia
A new analysis of Australian forest fire trends confirms for the first time the Black Summer fires are part of a clear trend of worsening fire weather and ever-larger forest areas burned by fires.
Conversation Media Group, the
Extreme fire weather risk is tied to high vapor pressure deficit (VPD). New research shows that two-thirds of the increase in VPD is due to human-caused climate change.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
People enjoy a water spray in Bratislava, Slovakia on a summer day (2018)
New analysis shows the summer seasonal temperature recorded across Europe in 2021 would have been impossible without human induced climate change.
Met Office
Deciphering the role of climate change is also challenging in regions with large gaps in the quality and length of historical weather observations, partly due to a lack of financial support from wealthy governments.
Conversation Media Group, the
Road closed sign in a flooded street
There has always been extreme weather, but human-caused global warming can increase extreme weather’s frequency and severity.
Conversation Media Group, the
During the last days of June 2021, Pacific northwest areas of the U.S. and Canada experienced temperatures never observed, with records broken in many places.
World Weather Attribution