Building resilient grids

Resilient grid

Disasters can impact electric grids with damaging economic, environmental, and public health consequences. Grid resilience can help ensure that power disruptions are minimal and do not affect critical services.

Q&A with expert Eric Fournier who explains why the architecture of California’s grid isn’t well suited for such extreme conditions and what it would take to improve it.
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Climate change in the USA is making extreme weather events more frequent and power grid is not expected to hold up well. Upgrades to make the grid more resilient are needed.
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Climate change affects virtually every aspect of the U.S. energy system. As climatic effects such as rising seas and extreme weather continue to appear across many geographies, U.S. energy infrastructure is increasingly at risk. The U.S. Gulf Coast—which

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Climate impacts on Detroit's electric supply have sparked a debate on improving grid resilience, with suggestions ranging from going solar to using smart grid technology.
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Resilient Southeast is a series of reports exploring the obstacles and opportunities for solar PV and battery storage to strengthen the resilience of communities throughout the American Southeast. The series evaluates the current policy landscape and

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This paper is written as an input to a broader project by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) under the Solar Energy Innova on Network (SEIN) in the U.S. NARUC’s SEIN project focuses on the value of resilience and its

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