2017 Atlantic hurricanes


For several months in 2017, many Atlantic hurricanes had devastating economic and social consequences across the United States and the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico’s transformation from hurricanes Irma and Maria has pivoted toward making the island stronger and more resilient. The island’s long-term recovery envisions enhanced infrastructure and warning systems, as well as communities more capable of withstanding events like the 2017 hurricanes.
Federal Emergency Management Agency
With the contribution of the international community and cooperation among countries of the region, the Caribbean has initiated a process of risk informed recovery in various sectors to recover from hurricanes Irma and Maria. However, the unpredictability brought about by climate change remains a concern.
United Nations News Centre
One year after Irma and Maria swept through the Caribbean, calm seems to have returned to the region. The Caribbean can build back stronger by investing in better preparedness, strengthening social safety nets, rebuilding better and stronger infrastructure, creating fiscal buffers for difficult times, and protecting and leveraging ocean and natural resources.
World Bank, the
While most American homeonwers have home insurance, many lack flood insurance, which is typically purchased from the U.S. government as a separate policy. Many homeowners also have home-insurance policy limits that are too low to cover the full cost of repairing or rebuilding their properties.
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The unprecedented scale, scope, and impacts of the complex combination of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria tested capabilities that FEMA had developed and improved since hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. Following the 2017 hurricane season, FEMA conducted

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Challenging conventional thinking pays dividends with regards to assessing hurricane risk. Researchers have found that hurricane threat is not just from wind or storm surge: people outside the 100-year floodplain may still be at risk, cyclone observations are critical, flood mitigation matters, and Integrated Kinetic Energy is better for risk assessments.
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