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Project manager for disaster risk reduction

German Red Cross

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The German Red Cross (GRC) is part of a world-wide movement assisting victims of conflict and disaster and people affected by social or health related crisis. The Red Cross/ Red Crescent helps vulnerable people without discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions and adheres to the fundamental principles of the Red Cross Movement: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality. The German Red Cross participates in international disaster response, rehabilitation and capacity building projects internationally on appeals of their sister organisations within the Red Cross / Red Crescent movement.

Within the frame of its recovery programme in Haiti, the German Red Cross is currently looking for a project manager in the field of Disaster Risk reduction: (to be deployed as soon as possible)

Purpose of the position

The Project Manager in Disaster Risk Reduction works as part of the German Red Cross Delegation and is accountable, under the direction and guidance of the Head of Office and Desk Officer, for leading and managing the disaster risk reduction operations and activities in the country, covering the key tasks and responsibilities set out below. The Project Manager in Disaster Risk Reduction also works in a wide range of response preparedness activities, support the strengthening and coordination of the NS’s capacity with the specific aim of minimizing the vulnerability of the affected population.


- Identification of appropriate strategies, methodologies and specific lines of work to support DRR activities of the HNS and to mainstream CCA into HNS programming
- Preparing DRR and CCA proposals for different donors in close cooperation with HNS (e.g. German Federal Foreign Office, German Ministry for Development Cooperation, DIPECHO, UN Adaptation Fund)
- Assist communities and HNS in developing DRR projects
- Advisory role in setting up and implementation of DRR & CCA programs
- Be responsible for the proper use of training modules for DRR, including the preparation of trainings materials
- Training of HNS program staff in Community based DRR (CBDRR) skills, project cycle management, Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments, Community Action Planning, Climate Risk Assessments
- Communication and coordination with HNS and other RCRC movement partners on DRR and CCA related matters
- Liaise and maintain a close working relationship with different government departments, scientific institutions (e.g. meteorological offices and universities), NGOs and civil society on behalf of GRC, when appropriate, to ensure a smooth linkage between GRC and other organisations on DRR and CCA related matters
- Facilitation of the development of M&E system for DRR & CCA programs
- Perform regular financial and narrative reporting to GRC Headquarters in Berlin in accordance with donor/partner requirements and internal GRC regulations

Required skills

- Minimum 3 years of professional experience in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction
- Strong project management skills, particularly PCM and participatory methods
- Good understanding of key natural disaster risk reduction issues and linkages to relief and development programmes
- Disaster Management skills (risk analysis and evaluation including hazard analysis and vulnerability analysis, prevention and mitigation and preparedness)
- Experience in implementing and managing donor funded projects
- Minimum 3 years of experience working abroad
- Experience in cooperating with local organisations / capacity building
- Knowledge of Red Cross / Red Crescent principles and willingness to adhere to them
- Ability to train and guide local community volunteers
- Skills in negotiation and persuasion, advocacy and for mainstreaming new concepts and approaches
- Willingness to work in a remote area
- Assertive, with high intercultural sensitivity
- Readiness to go on assignment without partner / family posting
- Certified ability to work under tropical conditions (medical check)
- Very good written and oral English; knowledge of German and French would be an strong asset
- Excellent computer skills (Windows XP, spread sheets, word-processing, databases and other programmes)

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