Urban Risk & Planning

The experience of community members in Thiès-Nord, an urban, flood-prone, area in Senegal where Practical Action works as part of the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance, makes a strong case for investing in flood resilience.
The combination of the physical vulnerability of affordable housing, socioeconomic vulnerability, and increasingly frequent flooding presents a serious threat to residents of already scarce affordable housing stock.
The Central Asia Initiative of the EU during the COVID-19 crisis
While COVID-19 keeps challenging all five countries of Central Asia at an unprecedented scale, through existing programs, the European Union supports both resilient and sustainable political and economic frameworks that can prepare governments for future emergencies.
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This study incorporates the notion of “Transitional Progress” as an available scoping tool pin-pointing the human-habitat domain. The aim is to determine the resilience ability as it bounces forth as determined by the interacting parts in such.
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This framework intends to facilitate an increased focus on cities in health emergency preparedness. Urban areas, especially cities, have unique vulnerabilities that need to be addressed and accounted for in health emergency preparedness.
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This paper develops a global long-term high-resolution dataset of daytime SUHI, offering an insight into the space–time variability of the urban–rural temperature differences which is unprecedented at global scale.
Coastal cities are booming centers of economic prosperity, leisure, and commerce: Some 40% of the world’s population resides within 60 miles of a coastline, and nearly half of Americans live in coastal counties.
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This report showcases good practices in flood management approaches by the African cities to provide concise information on disaster risk reduction practices, with a specific focus on ecosystem – and nature-based solutions.
City authorities have a constitutional responsibility to recover from disasters in the minimum amount of time. The ability of Metropolitan Municipal and District Assembiles to adequately meet such unexpected challenges, requires careful preparation.