This month’s Manchester Briefing details the NCSR+, a collaboration involving most of UK[+] local governments (covering 96% of the UK[+] population) and 10 sector partners that are key to building resilience.
This calls on countries to target risk-informed development and resilience by adopting and implementing national and local strategies that include comprehensive goals, indicators and timeframes.
Despite logistical hurdles thrown up by the pandemic, the all-encompassing disaster risk reduction strategies countries are steadily putting in place are already helping build resilience and score gains against international targets.
Aerial view of La Datcha beach (Le Gosier plage) in Guadeloupe.
The Caribbean’s fragile economy is being battered by the pandemic that is keeping tourists from its tropical beaches and leaving heavily-indebted countries ill-prepared to cope with violent hurricanes and other emergencies, say experts.
Scientists predict COVID will become endemic over time but there will still be sporadic outbreaks where it gets out of control. The transition from pandemic to endemic will likely play out differently in different locations around the world.
Disaster resiliency and recovery resources- A guide for rural communities
USDA Rural Development (RD) developed this guide as a resource for rural communities seeking disaster resiliency and recovery assistance.
According to the authors there is now an urgent need to revitalize public health in general and environmental public health in particular to recover from COVID-19 and beyond.

This week's Manchester Briefing (Issue 42) details the University of Manchester's Recovery and Renewal Framework, where updates to the framework are explored, its development since April 2020, and how the framework might be applied in practice.


This is the final project report of the Recovery Capitals (ReCap) project. The project aimed to promote wellbeing after disasters by examining the disaster recovery evidence base and producing a set of resources to help guide recovery efforts.