Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team
Scott Wilson Nepal
Newcastle upon Tyne
This month’s The Manchester Briefing outlines a methodology to self-evaluate your Recovery plans and Renewal strategies.
Temple in Kathmandu, needing support due to earthquake damage
No two disasters are the same, and neither are their aftermaths. However, the topographies of the earthquake-affected regions and the approaches taken to respond to the earthquakes were similar in both Sout Asian nations.
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
New York
Path through the RCA Pier Park, NJ, in front of the Philadelphia skyline
Recovery and rebuilding after climate disasters can exacerbate inequality. The climate crisis forces us to consider what makes ecological sense and is socially equitable. Building resilient property is not the same as building a resilient society.
Transportation network
When disasters and extreme events cause the closure or damage of transportation networks, how can governments and planners ensure that communities have access to critical services and amenities crucial for their recovery, wellbeing, and cohesion?
In the wake of a disaster, countries need to immediately access funds to rebuild damaged infrastructure and re-establish critical government services, but the immediate aftermath of a disaster is often when liquidity constraints are at the highest.
This briefing simplifies ISO 22393 into an easy-to-use process to support the implementation of recovery activities and renewal initiatives.
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This paper's purpose is to develop an analytical framework for estimating the behavioral effects of disasters and their economic consequences. The reduction of these losses represents the benefits of pre-disaster mitigation and post-disaster recovery.
ReCAP21 Guide
This guide outlines three key entry points for local governments to move towards an urban transformation and a resilient recovery process, which is also green in nature, providing them with the practical support to identify comprehensive solutions.