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Saint Lucia has made a commendable effort over the past two decades to prepare for and adapt to the impacts of climate change on government operations and its citizenry.
An insightful new study from the Climate Investment Funds shows what the island could do to accelerate progress.
Electric line personnel conduct maintenance work on power lines
Extreme weather events are taking a toll on electric grids. Modeling climate-change resilience can provide valuable insights when and where they’re needed most.
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This report seeks to describe the need for power sector resilience in India, review the main barriers in the way of building power sector resilience in India, and define areas of action for different stakeholder groups in the power sector. 
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This report details the results of the UNEP FI Investor Pilot on TCFD Adoption, which aims to explore, enhance and apply a methodology to assess the impact of physical and transition risks and opportunities on institutional investor portfolios.
Understanding how small to medium-scale businesses in developing countries perceive related risks and relate themselves with their home despite flood risks would help to enhance their preparedness to confront or avoid the impending threats.
While countries most vulnerable to climate change sought urgent emission reductions and compensation, their voices were either ignored explicitly or turned away in favour of potential investment deals with rich countries and aligned institutions.
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Even if we had the funds to solve the climate crisis, without structural changes to institutions and financial tools, we would likely struggle to spend them effectively.