Cultural Heritage

A farm with a red barn in the countryside in Oregon, USA.
The study tapped into participants’ cultural worldviews and perception of risk to help predict which communication strategies work best to convince different types of people.
Oregon State University
PROCULTHER-NET launches an advanced training module for providing specialized knowledge on how to deal with cultural heritage protection in emergencies in line with the European standards.
The elaboration of the Ex-ante Feasibility Study aimed to facilitate the identification of the contents and processes on which to build the experience of a best-practice incubator through the establishment of the PROCULTHER-NET community within the KN.
Three Native American tribes will get $25 million each to retreat to higher ground. Despite a high initial cost, relocation may save money in the long run, by reducing damage from future disasters, along with the cost of rebuilding after those disasters.
New York Times, the
Dr. Homolata Borah has been working towards reducing disaster risk for some of the most vulnerable communities living in the world’s largest inhabited river island of Majuli in the state of Assam in India.
As climate change erodes Iraq's ancient monuments, age-old techniques are helping repair the damage. Climate change raises salt levels around ancient Babylon. Salinity corrodes ruins of humanity's oldest monuments
Whenever historic homes get flooded, building contractors often feel compelled by government regulations to rip out the water-logged wood flooring, tear down the old plaster walls and install new, flood-resistant materials.
ABC News
October marks the beginning of a very intense period of meetings and events for the PROCULTHER-NET Community.