Climate Change

This booklet through case studies and community testimonials, highlights the voice of the communities most impacted by climate change in the Federal Member State of Puntland, Somalia.
Save the Children International
IDEAL Public Health and Development Consultancy
This course's objective is to equip learners with skills and improve their understanding of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation (DRR & CCA) concepts with an aim to improve quality of DRR & CCA programming.
Family posing for photos amidst flooding and storm surge from Hurricane Sally along Lake Pontchartrain
In collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), Deltares today presented the four-yearly report about the observed sea level on the Dutch Coast.
Anthropogenic climate change is commonly characterized as a threat to human security. This paper provides a conceptual discussion of what risks to peace entail and how severe such risks might become.
Climate Risk Management (Elsevier)
Considering the social dimensions of climate change is essential to building resilience and developing effective policy and programs within Solomon Islands and throughout the Pacific region.
World Bank, the
This research paper focuses on building the social resilience of vulnerable communities to climate change in Solomon Islands. Grounded in extensive field work incorporating qualitative and quantitative data collection in five selected coastal communities.
World Bank, the
Women in Rwanda growing coffee to support themselves.
The ‘knowledge-to-action’ call will provide grants to projects led by African organisations that mobilise Indigenous and local knowledge to support locally-led and inclusive climate-resilient action in Africa.
Climate and Development Knowledge Network
This report constitutes the EU-level technical guidance on adapting buildings to climate change.
European Union
The UN General Assembly will seek the opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on countries’ obligations to address climate change, following the adoption by consensus of a resolution on Wednesday.
United Nations News Centre
Last month, Environmental Defense Fund and Texas A&M University published a new study that found all states in the U.S. are at risk from the effects of climate change, particularly poor neighborhoods.
Environmental Defense Fund