Climate Change

Country risk profile Rwanda
In Rwanda, the high levels of poverty and low-degree of development limits capacity of poor households and communities to manage climate risk, increasing their vulnerability to climate-related shocks
Climate-induced migration and modern slavery
This report discusses how Climate change and climate-induced migration heightens existing vulnerabilities of slavery.
Regional Assessment Report on disaster risk reduction in the Arab region 2021
Arab States identified preventing new risk, reducing existing risk and strengthening resilience as central to regional efforts to realize sustainable development pathways in the twenty-first century.
Given climate change, it needs to be ingrained into everybody that there is going to be flooding, there are going to be wildfires, there is going to be a lot of these extreme events that are no longer rare.
New York and other U.S. cities are seeking to ensure their climate mitigation plans protect their most vulnerable communities.
Using a novel “scenario-neutral” approach researchers from Deltares, together with Utrecht University, IVM, Newcastle University, Tyndall Centre, Bournemouth University, assess when, where, and how fast coastal areas need to adapt as far ahead as 2150.
Urgent action is required before it is too late. Whether we like it or not, it is a question of when - not if - we will have to deal with the security impacts of climate change.
An Angus Reid Institute survey conducted on Aug. 16, with a representative sample of 1,511 Canadians, found that 76 per cent of Canadians say environmental policy and sustainability are a priority when considering where to live.
Kathmandu, Nepal
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Closely with the Climate Finance Specialist, a qualified and experienced consultant will be required to support the PPF team in providing technical inputs to analyze climate public expenditures in the country.
Islamabad, Pakistan
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ADPC will procure the services of a National Expert on Climate Resilience in Pakistan who provides technical advisory services and oversight to achieve project objectives.