Words into Action (WiA)

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This Words into Action guide aims to promote greater implementation of Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems (MHEWS) across all sectors to protect the most exposed populations from disasters.
Documents and publications
This Words into Action guide aims to provide a practical overview of how traditional knowledges can be used to complement scientific knowledge in disaster risk reduction.
This is the cover of the WiA guide for Nature-based Solutions
Documents and publications
This guide aims to give practical, how-to-do information on setting up and implementing nature-based solutions (NbS), especially for disaster risk reduction (DRR), but also for climate change adaptation (CCA).
WiA guidelines cover
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This guide offers specific advice on implementing a feasible, people-centered approach to supporting and engaging children in disaster risk reduction and resilience-building.
Cover of the publication showing an urban conglomerate
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This report provides guidance for the urban planning profession and those involved in city development on how to incorporate disaster risk reduction (DRR) and resilience into urban planning decisions and investments.
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The present guidelines are designed to support countries in developing a national disaster risk reduction strategy that is aligned with the Sendai Framework.
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This Words into Action guide aims to raise awareness on the importance of river basin management and transboundary cooperation in DRR, while taking into account climate change adaptation.
Words into Action Disaster Displacement
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This guide offers practical guidance to help government authorities integrate disaster displacement and other related forms of human mobility into regional, national, sub-national and local DRR strategies in accordance with Target (E) of SFDRR.
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The aim of this guidebook is to advise local governments on developing and implementing a holistic and integrated local DRR strategy that contributes to building resilience at the local scale.
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The Guide takes a practical approach in addressing man-made and technological hazards, and builds upon previous analyses and recommendations relating to such hazards in the context of DRR.

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About Words into Action

The Words into Action (WiA) guidelines series aims to ensure worldwide access to expertise, communities of practice and networks of DRR practitioners. The guidelines offer specific advice on the steps suggested to implement a feasible and people-centered approach in accordance with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030. While these guidelines are not meant to be exhaustive handbooks that cover each detail, those who need in-depth information will find references to other sources of information.

On the basis of a knowledge co-production methodology, WiA work groups use a participatory approach that ensures a wide and representative diversity in knowledge sources. WiA is primarily a knowledge translation product converting a complex set of concepts and information sources into a simpler and synthesized tool for understanding risk and learning. It is also meant to be a catalyser for engagement of partners and other actors.

In summary, the WiA guidelines are pragmatic roadmaps to programming an effective implementation strategy. This is facilitated by promoting a good understanding of the main issues, obstacles, solution finding strategies, resourcing and aspects for efficient planning. The guidelines can be valuable resources for national and local capacity building through workshops and training in academic and professional settings. They can also serve as a reference for policy and technical discussions.

For more information about Words into Action, please contact:
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)
7bis Avenue de la Paix
CH1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland
Email: undrr@un.org

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