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Boat schools bring classroom to Bangladesh's flood-hit children

posted: 09/03/2015
Hundreds of students in the northern Bangladesh district are taught in floating schools, an initiative to make education available to children whose lives are complicated by regular flooding. Governments meeting in Japan from March 14-18 to adopt a new action plan to reduce the risk of disasters are expected to call for better ways to protect education before, during and after crises... - read more »

UNDP: Why is disaster risk governance so essential?

posted: 05/03/2015
The new global DRR framework offers a historic opportunity to recognize the importance of risk governance and the related processes that are so elementary for securing the long-term sustainability of both disaster risk reduction and development outcomes. Let us seize this moment, not squander it, writes Angelika Planitz, UNDP Disaster and Climate Risk Governance Advisor... - read more »

UNDP: Enhancing last-mile early warning in the Caribbean

posted: 05/03/2015
Working with Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Caribbean, UNDP and partners are undertaking measures to ensure that warning information on potential and impending disasters is fast, reliable and effective... - read more »

CBM: Disaster risk reduction - Inclusion key to resilience

posted: 05/03/2015
Since 2012, CBM Internatonal with partners have been advocating to ensure that the post-2015 framework is disability-inclusive. Persons with disabilities are among the most disproportionately affected people during emergencies and should be actively involved in the disaster risk and emergency management cycle - to be addressed at the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai... - read more »

UNDP: Serbia launches the National Disaster Management Program

posted: 04/03/2015
The UN Country Team together with CADRI provides support to Government’s participation in the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction by introducing the elements of the Hyogo Framework of Action II into Government’s planning for disaster risk reduction and management. The Hyogo Framework for Action has taken us from purely responding to emergencies to a 'disaster risk reduction' way of thinking, said Vojackova-Sollorano... - read more »

What role can business play in dealing with disasters? - Opinion

posted: 25/02/2015
Neil Buhne from UNDP’s Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery discusses how the private sector's expertise and resources can help countries boost their capacity to rapidly response to natural disasters... - read more »

UNDP: Innovative public-private partnerships are key to Post-2015 success

posted: 13/02/2015
As we prepare to establish a successor to the Hyogo Framework for Action, we would do well to look at public-private partnership programmes like Get Airports Ready for Disasters (GARD) as examples of how comprehensive disaster risk reduction must be done, says Neil Buhne of UNDP, highlighting examples from Indonesia, Uzbekistan and FYR Macedonia... - read more »

UNICEF: Climate justice - The road to Sendai and Paris

posted: 12/02/2015
Photo by UNICEF 'A key thing is how to get back to normalcy and get back on track. How quickly this happens after a disaster depends on what we do in terms of preparedness beforehand,' said UNICEF's Regional Emergency Advisor, recalling recent typhoons Hagupit and Haiyan, recovery and education efforts... - read more »

Technological hazards: From risk reduction to recovery

posted: 11/02/2015
To date, no global agreement is in place for preventing and preparing for technological disasters. The post-2015 framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) offers a unique opportunity to address precisely this, and it gives us a real opportunity to strengthen national coordination and legislative frameworks, and to expand the capacities of all stakeholders for all risks, including technological ones... - read more »

Disability inclusion and disaster risk reduction at the UN HQ

posted: 28/10/2014
The zero draft submitted by the Co-Chairs of the Preparatory Committee contains five references to persons with disabilities, a mention of the principles of Universal Design, and the use of 'inclusive' and 'accessible' throughout the document, including accessible media... - read more »