Cover and source: UNDP
Phase II of the “Building Capacities for Resilient Recovery” aims to better prepare governments to manage future recovery processes in an effective, sustainable and inclusive way.
Cover and source: World Health Organization
The Framework identifies six interconnected and multisectoral domains of a health security system, based on the shared experiences and lessons of responding to public health emergencies in the Asia Pacific region over the past two decades.
This PB focuses on induced or voluntary climate change migration and focuses on international migration mostly, but not entirely, from Pacific Island locations to countries on the Pacific Rim.
This roadmap has been designed through a participatory process to enhance coordination in addressing and managing transboundary climate risks in Africa.
The Belém Charter, available both in Portuguese and Spanish, creates a permanent forum between the region's mayors, within the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organisation (ACTO), and includes the objective of "making resilient and sustainable cities".
Cover European Commission
The guidelines represent a powerful tool for national administrations to make climate adaptation a top political priority.
The Strategy reflects the existing priorities expressed in Member States’ national policies, consolidating relevant priorities at the nexus of livestock sector development, climate change, and sustainability into a unified, strategic thrust.
The European Commission adopted a Recommendation to establish common goals to boost disaster resilience in the areas of civil protection.
Disaster risk reduction in EU external action
These conclusions from the European Council's meeting on 28 November 2022 call for a proactive and anticipatory crisis response.
Cover and title of publication
This Torres Strait Regional Adaptation and Resilience Plan details how climate change will impact the region’s communities and land and sea country, and what steps can be taken to reduce the likely impacts.

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