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Fires in the wildland-urban interface (WUI) have become a global issue, with disasters taking place all over the world. The drivers of increasing WUI fire risk are increasing population, expansion of urban areas into wildlands, and climate change.
The National Disaster Management Strategy specifies orientations, principles, criteria and methods for disaster prediction, prevention and risk reduction as well as preparedness, response, reconstruction and rehabilitation.
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The thrust of the India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP) is to look for synergies in actions for securing both environmental and socio-economic benefits. The goal is to provide sustainable cooling and thermal comfort.
This strategy document describes goals and strategic actions of a comprehensive strategy to meet key challenges to reducing the Nation’s risk from landslide hazards equitably and effectively.
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Indonesia One Disaster Data is a synthesis of the existing international guidelines on disaster-related statistics to improve the coverage and consistency in compilation data and basic statistics related to disasters.
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This document sets out Aotearoa New Zealand’s long-term strategy and first national adaptation plan.
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This National Integrated Emergency Management Plan (NIEMP) outlines the general framework and the Seychelles approach to emergency preparedness and response and delivery of the Integrated Emergency Management System required by the Seychelles law.
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This national framework on L&D is of relevance to both understand as well as contextualize L&D in the Nepali context. It provides further understanding of the relevant approaches, methodology, and tools to assess risks of climate change impacts.
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This national adaptation plan demonstrates the DRC’s commitment to the Paris Agreement and will help bring responses to the impacts of climate change. Strengthening climate resilience will enable the country to contribute to the objectives of the SDGs.
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Climate and defence strategy published by The French Ministry for the Armed Forces.