This regional resilience plan is a strategic plan developed to help tackle the occurance of the Kere phenomenon in Androy, Madagascar.
This plan deciphers elements at play and dynamic interplays between them. It exhibits critical interventions required to reduce, eliminate, and contain idiosyncratic risks that contribute to the formation of the Kere.
The Local Disaster Risk Reduction Plan is a plan that reveals the catastrophic nature of the province and the possible effects of disasters and shows the actions to be taken without disasters in order to minimize these effects in the form of actions.

Stormwater management planning is necessary to protect public safety and infrastructure from local and regional flooding while meeting regulatory requirements which protect the environment. Due to changes in land use from redevelopment, increasing sea

A partir del año 2012, la Oficina Nacional de Emergencia del Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública, ONEMI, coordina la Mesa de Trabajo Gestión del Riesgo y Género, con la finalidad de promover un espacio de reflexión y coordinación

O Plano Local de Resiliência de Vinhedo reúne em suas páginas os melhores esforços do poder público municipal em proporcionar à população condições de vida dignas.

Os marcos regulatórios firmados pela ONU, refiro-me à Cúpula Mundial

Montevideo se planteó construir una visión de futuro teniendo en cuenta los desafíos contemporáneos en la perspectiva del desarrollo sostenible. En setiembre de 2018 se presentó la Estrategia de Resiliencia, como resultado de un proceso de elaboración

This action plan recommends steps which are required to make sure homes and businesses are more resilient. This includes undertaking research to better understand how properties can benefit from flood resilience measures. It recognises that property

SOP for heatwave has been developed by the District Disaster Management Authority of Gorakhpur with technical support from UNICEF, UP. In SOP, the roles & responsibilities of all the departmental stakeholders have been clearly identified & comprehensively

Decreto que Cria o Comitê Cidade Resiliente para gestão da Campanha Cidades Resilientes - UNDRR - e elaboração do Plano Local de Resiliência.