Serbia National Platform

Serbia Sector for Emergency Management Ministry of Interior Website: Date of creation: 24 January 2013 


The Serbian Government adopted the Decision on appointment of the members of the National Emergency Management Headquarters (NEMH) on its regular session held on 12 May 2011. The inaugural session of NEMH was held on 3 June 2011. The Serbian Government has proclaimed the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction on 24 January 2013. NEMH is acting as the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the international community.


In accordance with the Law on Emergency Situations, NEMH is an operational and expert governmental body formed with the aim of coordinating and managing protection and rescue activities in emergencies as well as mainstreaming disaster risk reduction policies. 

The Chairperson of NEMH is the Minister of Interior (as the Commander) and the Head of Sector for Emergency Management is the Head of National Emergency Management Headquarters. Other members of NEMH are the following:

·       ministers responsible for agriculture and environmental protection; foreign affairs; construction, transport and infrastructure; trade, tourism and telecommunications; finance; economy; public administration and local self-government; mining and energy; justice; defence; education science and technological development; health; labour, employment, veteran and social affairs; youth and sport; culture and the media; 

·       experts from the Ministry of Interior, Serbian Army, Serbian Red Cross and Serbian Mountain Rescue Service and other relevant organizations;

·       representatives from scientific and research institutions, academia, humanitarian organisations, civil society and citizen associations and other institutions which, based on their portfolio, may be part of protection and rescue system in case of emergency;

·       directors

·       directors of the special governmental organisations responsible for seismology, hydrology, meteorology, water management, forestry; public companies, business associations and other legal entities, media;

In addition to working in plenary sessions, NEMH as the National platform can organize expert operational bodies with aim to work on different aspects of DRR. These bodies may include representatives from scientific and research institutions, academia, civil society and NGOs, public and private companies and other relevant stakeholders in this area.

NEMH meets three to four times a year on regular sessions, and in case of need, the extraordinary sessions are organised.


Coordination of the activities in the field of emergency management on national, regional and local level, as well as implementation of disaster risk reduction concept into national and local policies, sustainable development strategies, and protection and rescue strategies.


The activities of NEMH are financed through the budget of the Republic of Serbia and resources of the authorities which are the members of NEMH


·       to coordinate activities of all the participants in the protection and rescue system in terms of organization, planning, preparations and implementation of measures and activities related to disaster risk prevention and reduction, protection and rescue, including the exchange of information, knowledge and technologies;

·       to support raising awareness on importance of prevention activities and strengthen the culture of risk awareness and prevention;

·       to coordinate activities and measures included in the Serbian National Strategy for Protection and Rescue in Emergencies;

·       to deliberate and give its opinion on the Draft Long-term Plan of Protection and Rescue System Development;

·       to monitor and coordinate the implementation of measures included in the Long-term Plan of Protection and Rescue System Development;

·       to deliberate and give its opinion on the Draft Natural and Other Hazards Vulnerability Assessment of the Republic of Serbia;

·       to deliberate and give its opinion on the Draft National Emergency Protection and Rescue Plan of the Republic of Serbia;

·       responsible for regular informing and notifying the population about the risks and threats as well as about the measures aimed at disaster risk reduction;

·       to cooperate with agencies in charge of protection and rescue in emergencies in neighbouring countries.


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