Monaco National Platform


The platform has been officially registered to the Secretariat of the ISDR on the 3rd July 2009


The National platform is composed of representatives of the following institutions:

  • one representative of the Department of Interior (Ministry of Internal affairs);
  • one representative of the Department of Facilities, Urban Planning and Environment (Ministry);
  • one representative of the Department of Foreign Affairs (Ministry);
  • one representative of HFA’s contact (UNISDR);
  • one representative of the subcommittee specialized in the field of natural and technological hazards;
  • one representative of the Scientific Center of Monaco.

The functioning of the status of the NP on DRR

The national platform is built around the focal point HFA (Hyogo Framework for Action). It includes members of the subcommittee that specializes in the field of natural and technological hazards created within the Technical Committee of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (Sovereign Order No. 2214 of June 9, 2009 establishing and organization of the Technical Committee for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection), representatives of the Ministry Facilities, Urban Planning and Environment, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A member of the Scientific Center of Monaco also represents civil society, which is in charge to monitor these operations through the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO.

Operational Practices

Operational practices will be defined during the first operational year of the national committee.


  • To provide a coordination’s mechanism among different partners in setting up a consultative process in order to disaster reduction.
  • To promote an integrated disaster risk reduction approach within development and construction programs.


  • Activities yet to be clarified during the first year in the areas defined by the Hyogo framework for action:
  • To identify and evaluate of natural risk ;
  • To foster training and educational actions in regards to risks management;
  • To foster international cooperation within UNISDR’s context;
  • To foster cooperation between Europeans national platform network in the field of natural disaster risks reduction.

Challenges and Constraints

To set up resilience to disasters.

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