Luxembourg National Platform


In order to comply with the Sendai Framework agenda for the reduction of risks of disaster and strengthen resilience, The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, set up in 2016 its first national platform for disaster risk reduction. The established strategy has provided for a platform involving the State actors in disaster risk reduction during an initial phase while aiming integrating members of the private sector, science and research as well as representatives of vulnerable groups and others, at a later stage.


The Platform is currently composed by the following Ministries:

  • Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs: Directorate of Development and Humanitarian Action
  • Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure: Department of Land use Planning and Administration of Air Navigation
  • Ministry of Environment: Department of Environment
  • State Ministry: Office of the High Commissioner for National Protection and Crisis Communication Department
  • Ministry of Interior: Administration of Emergency Services
  • Ministry of Health: Health Directorate
  • Ministry of Labour Employment and Social and Solidary Economy: Labour and mine Inspectorate


The platform does not have a specific budget. All costs are at the expense of the designated bodies.


  • Create a forum for a better coordination and information exchange between different governmental sectors and bodies;
  • Provide an overview and evaluation of existing risks by a national risk assessment;
  • Identification of the main stakeholders in the risk reduction process and building up of a national network including the private sector and NGOs;
  • Identification of the existing protection, prevention and mitigation capacities, measures and practices in place to cope with the different risks;
  • Critical review and analyses of the existing strategies in disaster risk reduction;
  • Identification of possible deficiencies and gaps, including an adjustment of existing risk reduction strategies if needed, improving thus preparedness to avoid as far as possible human and economic damage;
  • Identification of existing gaps related to the Sendai framework;
  • Prioritization of the main topics within the disaster risk reduction approach;
  • Foster cooperation with the national platforms within Benelux and other neighbouring countries.


In a first step the platform is preparing detailed national risk assessment including transboundary risks and the current situation concerning the:

  • identification and evaluation of risks
  • prevention, preparation and mitigation measures
  • existing alerting systems on a national, bilateral and international level
  • communication, information and education of the population
  • planning of the response
  • good governance
  • legal framework
  • bilateral and international relations and cooperation
  • bilateral and international conventions, agreements and treaties.

In a second step the platform will proceed to a critical analysis of the current situation in accordance with the mandate.

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