Germany National Platform


Following the adoption of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015 – 2030) the German Federal Government established its National Focal Point within the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe, BBK).

Due to its coordinating function the National Focal Point ensures the appropriate coordination of achieving the targets set within the Sendai Framework as well as it enables the coordination between the relevant actors in Germany.

In line with the creation of the National Focal Point, also first steps for a functioning German National Platform were taken soon after the adoption of the Sendai Framework with the set-up of an Inter-ministerial Working Group for the implementation of the Sendai Framework (IMAG Sendai).


In Germany, an Inter-ministerial Working Group oversees the implementation of the Sendai Framework. Through this Inter-ministerial Working Group, the National Focal Point gains the mandate to act on behalf of the German Federal Government. The members of the working group are the Federal Foreign Office (AA), the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Community (BMI), the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) as well as selected subordinate authorities resp. organizations. These include the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK), the German Red Cross (DRK) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

The Inter-ministerial Working Group for the implementation of the Sendai Framework currently forms the institutional core of the German National Platform. The resilience strategy, which is currently being developed, is also intended to formalize the further development of a National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Germany. This platform should enable the different actors and stakeholders in Germany to network and get involved in the implementation process of the Sendai Framework. While the National Focal Point ensures the continued coordination of the German efforts to achieve the Sendai targets, the National Platform for DRR ensures the cooperation and exchange between the relevant ministries and governmental institutions (including the National Focal Point), civil society stakeholders and the scientific community in Germany.

In 2016, the Federal Foreign Office, together with the German Red Cross have initiated the German Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction that currently serves as an instrument for the development of a national platform for the implementation of the Sendai Framework in Germany. It brings together stakeholders from different sectors, nationally as well as internationally, to share practical needs and experiences. Therefore, the conference is currently supported by the National Focal Point for the Sendai Framework, the DKKV and the Katastrophennetz e.V and is endorsed by the members of the Inter-ministerial Working Group.


The National Focal Point for Germany within the BBK serves as the German Sendai Framework focal point institution. As such it serves as information hub for organizations and initiatives involved in disaster risk reduction to ensure the implementation of the Sendai Framework. It is also a centre of expertise in all matters relating to national disaster risk reduction issues. 


The National Focal Point effectively supports, coordinates and monitors the national (and international) progress of Germany regarding the achievement of the targets that have been set within the Sendai Framework.

In the sense of a "network of networks", the systematic cooperation with other working groups and networks should be built up dynamically, according to topic and demand. In the past year, the exchange of the NFP with other working groups, networks and authorities has already been initiated or further intensified. Examples include the Climate Change Network, the German Weather Service (DWD) and the Federal Statistical Office, the German Committee for Disaster Reduction (DKKV) and others through the involvement of the BBK in initiatives such as the Bonn Network “International Civil Protection and Disaster Risk Reduction”. In addition, the NFPs has proactively built and promoted exchanges with other European countries.

Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance