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The French National Platform succeeded the French Government Committee for IDNDR (1990-2000) and has been active since its inception in fostering cooperation for DRR activities in France and Europe.


The French national platform is a network of actors, with a national consultative body on DRR matters since 2003, the COPRNM (Steering Committee for the Prevention of Major Natural Hazards).

The focal point of this network is the Director General for Risk Prevention, at the Ministry in charge of the environment, who coordinates DRR policy with other ministries involved (civil protection, agriculture, education...) and public agencies such as Meteo-France.

The General Directorate for Risks Prevention (DGPR), at the ministry in charge of the environment, provides the administration for the COPRNM.


The Ministry in charge of the environment supports the running costs of the platform. The budget for specific activities is financed by small subsidies from other Ministries (Interior etc.) and by contributions from AFPCN members, including through pro bono work.


The National Platform helps shaping public policies on DRR. It provides proposals, policy guidance notes and recommendations involving public authorities, research community and civil society on major issues related to disaster risks and is currently concentrating its activities in the following areas:


The COPRNM holds 2 plenary sessions per year since Sept 2009. Working groups are active all through the year.

  • Ministries in charge of environment, civil protection, agriculture, housing, culture, education, economy, etc.
  • Experts from the civil society, including scientific experts on DRR and insurance companies. The AFPCN (French Association for Risk Disaster Prevention) has a leading role representing civil society.
  • Members of the Parliament
  • Local authorities
    • National strategy for flood risk management;
    • Prevention of seismic risks;
    • Strategic approach to international activities of DRR;
    • Evaluation of the effectiveness of local risk prevention planning;
    • DRR and global change adaptation;
    • Linking prevention and emergency response stakeholders;
    • Vigilance and early warning systems;
    • Networks' vulnerability and resilience;
    • Education and public awareness.
    • Prévention des risques naturels
    • Activities carried out by AFPCN (workshops, working groups, seminars, exhibitions, etc.) are listed on the AFPCN Calendar and the ENNP Calendar.
Ministry for Ecological and Solidarity Transition
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