Costa Rica National Platform

Foro Nacional Sobre el Riesgo - National Forum on Risk

The National Risk Forum, in accordance with the National Emergency and Risk Prevention Law, Law No. 8488, is a "coordination body" that brings together the members of all the coordination bodies of the National Risk Management System (SNGR) with the purpose of following up on the national policy on this issue. The Forum is a space in which the CNE reports on what has been done through the SNGR to comply with the purposes of the Law and the participants, by addressing relevant issues, discussing and proposing courses of action for the advancement of the policy. The proposals are considered for the CNE's strategic planning and monitoring of the National Risk Management System. The CNE must convene the National Risk Forum once a year (Article 10, Paragraph e).

The relevance of the Forum should be noted, since it is an accountability mechanism and a unique governance space that contributes to legitimizing the work orientations promoted by the CNE to comply with the national risk management policy. Those who are part of the coordination bodies of the National System are enthusiastic participants who turn the Forum into a dynamic space for discussion, analysis, and proposals, which requires from the CNE a great capacity for integration and coordination.

This Forum is monitored by several international organizations, such as the World Bank, CEPREDENAC, United Nations agencies, the International Strategy for Risk Reduction, and by friendly governments. At the national level, few initiatives are similar to these and for this reason, various organizations that advocate collective and citizen participation are attentive to this practice, such as the Ombudsman's Office, universities, and research centers. To date, the Forum has been convened for nine consecutive years.

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