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Delegates to the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the session dated 16 May 2008, passed the Framework Law on Protection and Rescue of People and Material Goods in case of Natural or other Disasters in BH. This legal framework defines protection and rescue of people and material goods in case of natural or other disasters in BH, implementation of International obligations and cooperation in implementation of protection and rescue, i.e. civil protection, as well as the responsibilities of the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and coordination of activities of Institutions and Bodies of BH, Entity Civil Protection Administrations and competent body for civil protection of Brcko District. The Law came into force on 1 July 2008.

Based on a proposal of the Protection and Rescue Sector of Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in May 2012 the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted the Information about the Establishment the Disaster Risk Reduction Platform of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina tasked the Ministry of Security to establish, in cooperation with relevant Entity and Brcko District Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Disaster Risk Reduction Platform as a permanent forum for the exchange and provision of opinions, proposals and achievements contributing to disaster risk reduction in all areas of human activities.


In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is need to build platforms for disaster risk reduction at the national level in order to systematically decrease various risks, through all economic and social activities. Also, the risks arising from the new developments should be clearly recognized and in advance taken into account.

Disaster Risk Reduction must be part of the strategy of development of the community and involve the knowledge and experience of individual sectors and ensure a multi-sectoral approach, further work should ensure that all subjects at all levels in the country take over their responsibilities, tasks and duties in the systematic disaster risk reduction


The First Conference of the Disaster Risk Reduction Platform of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held on 25-25 March 2013, in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo.

The conference gathered the representatives of the protection and rescue structures in BH, governmental bodies, scientific and academic institutions, private businesses, NGOs, local communities, international and regional organisations, as well as numerous representatives of the media.

Ministry of Security
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