Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

      First session, Geneva, Switzerland
      5 - 7 June 2007


GP Acting with common purpose
Acting with Common Purpose
Proceedings of the first session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction
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International Strategy for Disaster Reduction


  Background documents

Background paper forsession workshop  
4.1.1 "National Coordination Mechanisms - National Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction" [PDF]
4.1.2 "Policy and Legislative systems for Sustainable Disaster Risk Reduction" [PDF]
4.1.3 "Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into Development Instruments" [PDF]
4.1.4 "From national frameworks to local action: Implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA)" [PDF]
4.2.1 "Reducing Risk in Health Facilities and the Health Sector" [PDF]
4.2.2 "Education for Disaster Risk Reduction and Safer Schools in Communities at Risk" [PDF]
4.2.3 "Ecosystems and Environmental Management for Risk Reduction" [PDF]
4.2.4 "Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction through Preparedness" [PDF]

Hyogo Framework for Action 2005- 2015,
building the resilience of nations and communities to disasters
Words into Action Guidelines for National Platforms

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Environment and Vulnerability - Emerging Perspectives

Living with Risk:
A global review of disaster reduction initiatives

2004 version
[English] - [Spanish - vol 1]
[Spanish - vol 2]

World Conference on Disaster Reduction
Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
18 to 22 January 2005