Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

      First session, Geneva, Switzerland
      5 - 7 June 2007


GP Acting with common purpose
Acting with Common Purpose
Proceedings of the first session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction
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Plenary sessions


Plenary sessions focused on core functions of the global platform:

  1. Raising awareness on reducing disaster risk with a view to garnering the commitment of policy and decision-makers to implement the Hyogo Framework for Action.

  2. Assessing progress made in implementing the Hyogo Framework, and identifying obstacles, critical problems and emerging issues that must be addressed to speed up national and local implementation.

  3. Enhancing cooperation and concerted action by the international community to supprot national and local implementation of disaster risk reduction including identification of priorities for the ISDR system for 2008-2009.

On the morning of the first day of the session, a plenary meeting has been held during which high level participants, including ministers, heads of UN agencies and other institutions and organizations participating in the Global Platform, shared their perspective on the experience of their government or organization in implemeting the Hyogo Framework as well as future challenges and opportunities for action. Heads of delegation were able to continue contributing to this debate during an extended plenary meeting on the second day.


On the third day plenary meetings focused on assessing progress in implementation of the Hyogo Framework and identified gaps, opportunities and priorities to enhance cooperation and conserted action by ISDR system partners.