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Japan: White paper on disaster management 2018

The White Paper on Disaster Management 2018 has a special feature with a title of “Threats of Meteorological Hazards - Focusing on the Northern Kyushu Torrential Rain,” which covers loss and damage caused by the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Torrential Rain, responses by the government, collaboration with volunteers and nonprofit organizations, and future challenges.

This paper describes the initiatives for disaster risk management measures by the government in FY2017, including: 

  • -Revision of the Basic Plan for Disaster Management regarding responses to the issues from the Kumamoto Earthquake (2016) and Typhoon No. 10 in 2016 (April 2017);
  • -Improvement of procedures for designating Extremely Severe Disasters (December 2017);
  • -Comprehensive revision of the “Large-Scale Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Emergency Operations Policy” according to the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Kumamoto Earthquake (December 2017);
  • -Decision of government responses regarding the announcement of the “Nankai Trough Earthquake Information” when anomalous phenomena occurs or the relatively high possibility of earthquakes are assessed along the Nankai Trough (September 2017); and
  • -Report of the “Basic Approach for Large-scale, Extensive Evacuation from Flooding or Storm Surge Inundations,” which discussed the way of evacuation from flooding and storm surge inundation in three major metropolitan areas (e.g. Tokyo metropolitan area) (March 2018).

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