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WHO: Global influenza strategy 2019-2030

This Global Influenza Strategy aims to attain the highest possible influenza prevention, control and preparedness to safeguard the health of all people. Its mission is to optimize and align global and national capacities for prevention, rapid detection and response, with the goals being to reduce the burden and impact of seasonal, zoonotic and pandemic influenza.

This document outlines 4 strategic objectives and 10 priorities to support the vision and goals of the strategy, and outline a way forward for all stakeholders to attain the high-level outcomes by 2030:

  1. Promote research and innovation to address unmet public health needs
    1. Promote research and innovation for improved and novel diagnostics, vaccines and treatments against influenza.
    2. Promote operational research for influenza prevention, control and programme delivery.
    3. Promote research to better understand the virus characteristics and host factors that drive the impact of influenza.
  2. Strengthen global influenza surveillance, monitoring and data utilization
    1. Enhance, integrate and expand virological and disease surveillance.
    2. Build a strong evidence base for understanding the impact and burden of influenza.
    3. Develop effective influenza communication strategies across multiple sectors and between stakeholders.
  3. Expand seasonal influenza prevention and control policies and programmes to protect the vulnerable
    1. Integrate non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) into prevention and control programmes.
    2. Design and implement evidence-based immunization policies and programmes to reduce transmission and disease severity.
    3. Design and implement evidence-based treatment policies and programmes to reduce morbidity and mortality.
  4. Strengthen pandemic preparedness and response for influenza to make the world safer
    1. Strengthen national, regional and global planning to enable timely and effective pandemic readiness.


  • Themes:Disaster Risk Management, Governance, Health & Health Facilities
  • Hazards:Epidemic & Pandemic

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