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Saint Lucia: National adaptation plan 2018-2028

Saint Lucia’s NAP is a 10-year process consisting of a plan with key cross-sectoral and sectoral adaptation measures presented in this document for eight sectors and areas. The plan's adaptation measures contribute to the achievement of 13 overarching outcomes and two overarching adaptation goals, namely: 

  1. To enhance the national enabling environment for climate-related adaptation and risk reduction action within and across development sectors;
  2. To accelerate the implementation of climate adaptation and risk reduction actions critical to safeguarding the country’s socioeconomic and environmental systems.

The first section of the plan establishes Saint Lucia's geographic, demographic, and economic landscape. The second part provides an overview of Saint Lucia’s current climate, recent climate trends, climate change projections and potential impacts of climate change in key development sectors. The NAP process is introduced in the third section. The expected function of the NAP, its audience, vision and the expected impact and goals are delineated in the fourth section, along with the strategy, scope, institutional arrangements established for the implementation of the NAP, as well as funding provisions.

The plan itself starts in the fifth chapter, which includes a sub-section on the identified cross-sectoral national adaptation priorities. Sectoral adaptation priorities for the seven sectors/areas of focus and tourism are delineated in the sixth to the fourteenth sections. The fifteenth part is on the “limits to adaptation.”


  • Themes:Climate Change, Disaster Risk Management, Governance, Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
  • Countries/Regions:Saint Lucia

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