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Seychelles: National climate change strategy

Within the framework of the second National Communication to the UNFCCC, this National Climate Change Strategy (NCCS) was initiated in part to take advantage of upcoming opportunities arising from the 15th Conference of the Parties to be held in December 2009. The NCCS will provide a coherent and consolidated response to climate change. This strategic document will remain a “working” document intended to be updated and revised on an ongoing basis in response to new challenges and opportunities. Central to the strategy is the mainstreaming of climate change into sustainable development as a national cross-sectoral programme addressing matters of policy, institutions, capacity building and civil society involvement.

Five strategic objectives have been proposed to support the Seychelles towards adaptation and developing resilience to climate change and its effects. These are dependent upon the achievement, at global level, of an agreement on GHG emissions reductions which would reduce current ‘dangerous’ levels of GHG gases in the atmosphere to safe levels in the least possible delay.

The strategic priority objectives proposed are:

  1. To advance our understanding of climate change, its impacts and appropriate responses.
  2. To put in place measures to adapt, build resilience and minimize our vulnerability to the impacts of climate change.
  3. To achieve sustainable energy security through reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. To mainstream climate change considerations into national policies, strategies and plans.
  5. To build capacity and social empowerment at all levels to adequately respond to climate change.

The NCCS also presents an action plan with an indication of priority, implementation arrangements and recommendations on the way forward. 


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