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Cooperation Agreement for the protection of the coasts and waters of the north-east Atlantic against pollution

This Agreement ensures that all signing parties either individually or jointly undertake all appropriate measures to be prepared to deal with incidents of pollution at sea, such as pollution caused by hydrocarbons or other harmful substances.  

The Agreement stipulates that each signing party will set up within its territory, if necessary in collaboration with the industries concerned, including the shipping industry and other bodies, a minimum amount of equipment at predetermined points in order to be able to deal with discharges of hydrocarbons or other harmful substances. Parties must also establish the particulars of a national operational contact point to be responsible for receiving and issuing reports on pollution incidents at sea, as well as a national plan of action to prevent or deal with pollution incidents, among other provisions. The Agreement also stipulates the creation of staff training programmes to improve the state of readiness of the bodies responsible for dealing with pollution.
The Agreement incorporates accountability and assessment measures, such as the provision for states to report discharge or danger of discharge of hydrocarbons or other harmful substances and conduct evaluations of nature and magnitude of such events, as well as the need to inform other states if discharges happen in areas of joint interest. 


  • Themes:Disaster Risk Management, Environment & Ecosystems, Governance
  • Countries/Regions:France, Morocco, Portugal, Spain

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/59777

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