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Cambodia: Plan of action for disaster risk reduction in agriculture 2014-2018

This Plan of Action is designed as practical guidance document, a work agenda, and a roadmap to include key aspects of disaster risk reduction (DRR) into the sustainable development agenda of agriculture, especially for crop production and sustainable land management within scopes and mandate of the General Directorate of Agriculture (GDA). It also seeks the synergy of resources and efforts to holistically address disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and sustainable land management issues in the sector.

The plan composes of 4 Chapters. The first chapter is an introduction, which describes the geographical situation of the country, the needs for the sectoral plan of action, its scope, guiding principles, and planning process. The second chapter elaborates key hazards that potentially affect the agriculture sector and the policy frameworks and guidelines on DRR that shape this Plan of Action. The third chapter discusses the plan of action framework including the goal, anticipated outcomes, and priority actions. The last chapter provides guidelines on the institutional mechanisms for the implementation of the plan and the key actors involved in DRR, climate change adaptation (CCA), and decentralized planning. There are several annexes which include the planning matrix for 2014-2018, a list of prioritized actions for 2014-2018, the summary of the Plan of Action, and the Hyogo Framework of Action (HFA).

The Priorities for Action outlined in the plan include 5 inter-linked areas which correspond with the structure of the HFA: (i) strengthening institutional and technical capacity for disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and sustainable land management in agriculture; (ii) enhancing early warning systems; (iii) improving knowledge management, awareness raising and education on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation; (iv) reducing underlying vulnerabilities by improving technical options in agriculture; and (v) strengthening preparedness capacities for effective emergency response and rehabilitation and integration of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation interventions.


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